Digital makers who give a damn.

Frankly Co. was founded on a choice. We chose to give a damn. In a templated world, we focus on the principles of providing killer quality, custom web solutions at an affordable rate. Simply put, we pack our work with as much value as economically possible.

Since our inception, we have successfully launched over 20+ custom designed & developed web projects. We work with small to mid-sized businesses, with verticals in medical software to social media influencers (not to tout, but a solo client with 10+ million followers, and 4+ million YT subscribers).

We strive to create immersive user experiences through exceptional visualization & realistic functionality. We grasp the power of brand storytelling & feel it’s an obligation to share each story through digital magic.

We’re obsessed with creating things for people to enjoy.

(especially this guy, our founder, Rhett)